This exhibition was curated by Adam Chau and features 13 artists who use digital technology in surprising ways. Hand techniques are used equally with laser cutters, CNC machines, 3d scanners, and much more. A catalog was published under Clay Art Center and The Clay Studio. Concurrent programs included symposia comprised of artists, designers, and educators as well as live demonstrations of these technologies. Partnering with Shapeways, a catered dinner was held combining 3d printed tableware. The exhibit is traveling.

Clay Art Center, Port Chester, NY - September - November 2017

The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA - January - February 2018

Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD - April 2018

Participating Artists include: Andy Brayman, Jeremy Brooks, Katie Bunnell Ph.D., Brian Caponi, Bryan Czibesz/Shawn Spangler, Chad Curtis, Sharan Elran, Brett Freund, Chris Gustin , Mia Mulvey, Megumi Naitoh, Paul Scott Ph.D., and Joey Watson

The Clay StudioThe Clay Studio

Philadelphia, January - February 2018

3d Printed Bowl3d Printed Bowl

Produced by Shapeways and designed by Liz New for a catered dinner in Clay Art Center's gallery during the exhibition.


30 page catalog with foreword by Adam Chau and Jennifer Zwilling. Each artwork reviewed by Adam Chau. Available at Clay Art Center or on view at CFileOnline.