The Digital Calligraphy series uses handmade brushes on a CNC machine to surface porcelain objects in cobalt. It has been featured on CFileOnline, The Bellevue Arts Museum, The Clay Studio, Clay Art Center, and many other institutions. Adam has lectured on this project throughout the United States and published articles in Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics Technical, and Studio Potter about this process. More videos can be seen on instagram or

Face PlateFace Plate

2017, exhibited at Transference, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia. Series available for wholesale and retail.

Who Am I? PlattersWho Am I? Platters

Debut at Bellevue Arts Museum for Atoms and Bytes exhibit, 2016

          Moth PlateMoth Plate

For CfileOnline's popup shop in 2017


Collaboration with Mike Stumbras, 2017, Porcelain, glaze, cobalt, gold luster